Zebris Gait Analysis System.

If you’re wanting to run faster, move better and more efficiently and reduce your chance of injury, then join high-performance professional athletes and get your walk or run analysed by the innovative Zebris Gait Analysis Treadmill.

The incredible system has completely revolutionised the way we do everything when it comes to analysing the way people walk, stand and run. The force, pressure and video data we receive is incredibly precise and the volume of data collected is more than was ever possible before. 

While you move, 7000 pressure sensors in the bed of the treadmill track and analyse your feet during every phase of gait and each step you take. Paired with dual video recording on this computer-controlled treadmill, we are able to track your progress and show you exactly what’s happening with your feet and why you may be getting the symptoms you are, or not performing as effectively as you could be.

This has been the secret weapon for many athletes to get them running faster for longer without injury and pain – and now it can be yours too! 

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