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Get back to living life to the fullest by conquering the painful symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders.
MLS Laser Toowoomba

What is MLS Laser?

When you’re forced to live life with pain, it can feel like there’s no relief. The smallest daily activities are suddenly challenging, taxing, and extremely uncomfortable. Both recent injuries and ongoing chronic conditions alike can cause insurmountable amounts of pain, but modern technology is offering more treatment options than ever to help ease the symptoms. Just one of these advancements is MLS laser therapy.

The MLS (multi-wave locked system) laser is a research-backed and painless way to treat a broad variety of pains and symptoms. It can help boost the body’s natural healing process, promote soft tissue repair, manage pain, and reduce inflammation. The use of the MLS laser has helped podiatry and physiotherapy patients alike to experience faster healing and increased comfort. This technology is aiding people as they get back to healthy, active living without the constant pain.

MLS Laser Therapy Toowoomba

What is MLS Laser For?

The MLS laser is a non-invasive, painless, and proven treatment option that can complement many different treatment plans. Laser therapy can be used in response to a sudden injury, to manage symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation, or also to support a patient undergoing a variety of different procedures. There is simply a multitude of cases in which MLS laser therapy could be of benefit.

Some of the most common reasons MLS laser therapy is used for degenerative joint disease, arthritis, trauma to the musculoskeletal system, inflammatory conditions, and to relieve pain. If you are suffering from debilitating foot problems, both acute and chronic, your healthcare provider may suggest MLS laser therapy. Here are some of the most common conditions that laser therapy can be used to treat:

Heel pain


Plantar fasciitis



Sprains and strains

Bone injuries/fractures

Nerve pain



Sports injuries

How Does MLS Laser Work?

MLS laser therapy is a cold therapy laser system. The MLS laser is specifically designed to treat and relieve pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders, reduce inflammation, promote soft tissue repair, and accelerate the healing process. This is achieved through the targeted laser beam waves, which allow the MLS laser to boost circulation. Your healthcare provider will deliver controlled laser energy waves through the MLS laser beam with continuous and pulsed emissions. The therapeutic effects will support pain relief, healing, and tissue repair.

Here is how some of those key results are achieved:

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Reduced Inflammation and Swelling

MLS laser therapy will activate the lymphatic drainage system. This will drain swollen areas and significantly reduce pain and inflammation.

Reduced pain

Reduced Pain

Our research shows that in just three to four treatments of MLS laser therapy, your pain may be reduced by over 50%.

Improved wound healing

Improved Wound Healing

MLS laser therapy increases your circulation and promotes the formation of ‘Fibroblasts’. These are the essential building blocks of the body’s natural healing process.



Another result of MLS laser therapy is its effect on nerve cells. With reduced inflammation, there will be less oedema and less pain overall.

The Benefits of MLS Laser ?

Let’s talk about what sets MLS laser therapy apart from other treatment options. Ultimately, you deserve to find the treatment that works best for you and your body. Your comfort, goals, and desired results should be at the forefront of any treatment decision made. Our team will only recommend MLS laser therapy if we believe it is the right choice for you and if the benefits on offer appeal to your healing journey. These benefits include:

Non-invasive and painless treatment

Non-invasive and painless treatment without the need for anaesthesia or pain medication. You’ll feel a mild warmth at most during laser therapy treatments!

Quick and convenient treatments

Especially in comparison to more invasive alternatives such as surgery.

Proven Results

Proven results in pain relief and accelerated healing, as backed by years of research and the use of MLS laser therapy.


Accessible treatment sessions, as MLS therapy will last 5-10 minutes and can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Long-lasting relief

Long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation after just a few short treatments.

Sprains and strains

Frequently Asked Questions .

Studies have shown that this treatment can be exceptionally effective in relieving pain in the targeted treatment area. The laser achieves this by promoting healthy cell function and reducing symptoms such as inflammation.

Yes! There are plenty of circumstances in which MLS lasers could be a viable treatment option for plantar fasciitis symptoms. Other common conditions which may prompt this therapy include arthritis, sports injuries, ligament injuries, and much more.

Promoting healing in the body is a matter of increasing blood flow. One of the benefits of MLS is that the continuous wave of laser light energy targets injured areas, increasing circulation and helping the body to regenerate at a faster rate.

Patient satisfaction is always our top priority. Our team will be able to recommend specific treatment options after meeting with you to assess your symptoms, goals, and medical history. If you could benefit from improved healing, nerve regeneration, inflammation reduction, and pain improvement, then MLS therapy could be an effective treatment option.

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Joint pain, muscle sprains, and much more can all benefit from the accurate therapeutic dose delivery of MLS laser treatment. Our multi-wave laser system is utilised by our experienced team for deep tissue penetration, helping not only with pain management but also helping the body recover at a faster rate. For consistent and repeatable results, take your health needs to a team you can trust.

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