Lower Limb Rehabilitation.

Every step we take places significant force through our feet, ankles, shins and knees – particularly if they’re not functioning effectively.

When our lower limbs are injured or in pain, it affects our ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks let alone perform effectively at work, look after our kids and all of the other tasks on our never-ending to-do lists.

We use a variety of gold-standard and innovative techniques to rehabilitate the lower limbs so you can do the things you love without being held back by pain or discomfort. This includes: 

  • Performing a comprehensive biomechanical assessment on the lower limbs, including a gait analysis and pressure testing
  • Using stretching a strengthening to help weak or tight muscles and restore normal function
  • Using soft tissue therapies including shockwave, dry needling and massage to rehabilitate and optimise damaged or imbalanced tissues
  • Prescribing custom orthotics to correct poor foot biomechanics that are contributing to your pain or injury
  • Performing a footwear assessment to ensure that your footwear is helping and not hindering your progress

Our Optimise Health, we help you get the best results when recovering after injury, exercise.

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