Water-Based Movement For Maximum Benefits.

Hydrotherapy involves performing movements and activities in water to assist rehabilitation. You can build your strength, recover from injury, improve your balance or gait, and assist with reducing pain and inflammation. Our hydrotherapy sessions are done at Milne Bay Aquatic Centre under the care of our physiotherapists in Toowoomba & Warwick. Don’t worry – the pool has easy access in and out, is not deep, and has warm water – so you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Hydrotherapy is a great form of rehabilitation because when you’re standing in water up to your chest, you are only taking 30% of your body weight, making movement much more manageable for a variety of people. If you find movement, exercise and rehabilitation on solid ground difficult, we will evaluate if hydrotherapy is a good alternative until you have gained the needed improvements to continue out of water.

Your movements in the water can be done unassisted, or using devices like water-based weights. Water already provides great resistance, working to gently improve your strength from the moment you enter the water. More than any of the therapeutic benefits, we love hydrotherapy because our patients find it fun and look forward to their sessions!

Currently we do a group class on Wednesdays 12:30-13:30 and one on one sessions where required. 

Booking in for hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy must be recommended by your physiotherapist so they can be sure that you will achieve the best outcomes, stay safe, and have a tailored movement plan to complete. During your in-clinic appointment, your physio will discuss if hydrotherapy is right for you after assessing your range of movement, muscle strength and balance, and book you in for a session where appropriate. Each session is fully supervised.

Hydrotherapy for all age

The benefits of hydrotherapy have no minimum or maximum age limits, and suitability is assessed by your physiotherapist. While we work with many adults and seniors, we also work with children to build strength and improve movement, especially when they have been injured, lost muscle strength, or have been unable to walk for long periods.

Hydrotherapy in pregnancy is also an excellent option to help facilitate movement, especially when women are experiencing joint and back pains and problems.

Hydrotherapy is great for:

Recovering from Surgery Icon

Recovering from surgery

Painful Joints Arthritis Icon

Painful joints, including arthritis

Building Strength Icon

Building strength

Improving Balance and Gait Icon

Improving your balance and gait

Reducing Pain Inflammation

Reducing pain and inflammation

Movement in Pregnancy Icon

Movement in pregnancy

Limiting Backpain Icon

Limiting back pain

Low Impact Exercise Icon

Maintaining your current function with low impact exercise

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