Footwear Assessment.

If you’re like us and are in shoes almost all day, you’ll know the importance of having the right, supportive and comfortable shoes in keeping you going on your feet. Because shoes become the ground that we walk on, they also play an important role in our daily balance, stability, and injuries resulting from the lack of the former two components.

Shoes also alter the way our feet and lower limbs move and function. If your shoes are worn down on one side, this will greatly affect the way you walk and which muscles, ligaments and joints are engaged at different times of the gait cycle. This creates a significant risk for injury and overuse conditions to develop. It is an unfortunate truth that many individuals don’t understand or acknowledge the role that their shoes play in the development of muscular pain and injury, and it occurs all too often.

Features of shoes can vary significantly – including the material, shape, support, style and suitability for your life and daily activities. With so many styles being released daily and mixed messages about what helps and what hinders your feet (such as the classic shoes versus barefoot running debate), it can be extremely difficult to know what is actually the right option for you specifically. 

That’s where we come in! At Optimise Health, we specialise in pairing your feet and their characteristics with the right shoes that will provide the support that you need. We work with shoes at any age or activity – from kids and workers, to athletes and the elderly.

Finding the right pair of shoes for you will better protect you from injury, maximise your performance and ensure life long foot health. We can also video analyse your feet in your current footwear and in any new purchases! 

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