Bodyflow Circulation System.

The Bodyflow enhances circulation and boosts your recovery following an injury, a sports game, and even after surgery. It works by stimulating the smooth muscle around blood vessels, as opposed to the skeletal muscle in TENS machines, producing superior targeted outcomes.

We were first introduced to the Bodyflow system at triathlons where it was being used as a valuable aid in post-race recovery and rehabilitation by athletes. It produces fantastic results for anyone with circulation issues, including hospital settings where immobilisation following surgery can impair blood flow and slow healing. Improved circulation means wounds heal faster, making this invaluable to the management of diabetes where ulcers and wounds pose a significant risk of infection.

It also works to reduce swelling in acute or chronic soft tissues problems and is adopted in portable versions by the Westcoast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers as part of their recovery. Sessions last 20 minutes and there is no pain, but an odd sensation as muscular contraction is stimulated. 

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