Troy Parsons Director

Troy Parsons


It is Troy’s incredible vision, passion and drive that has seen Optimise Health flourish to be the world-class practice it is today. Being able to walk, run and do the things you love without pain means that you are equipped to perform at your best and exceed your goals. It is with this belief, over 15 years of industry experience, and Troy’s fantastic values that has led Optimise Health to be the vibrant, welcoming and innovative clinic it is today. Troy’s driving force and his why – the reason he does everything he does – is all about realising his full potential and helping others realise theirs. This has seen Troy create The Podiatry Hive alongside his business mentors to help inspire and enhance podiatrists in their private practice across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This regularly sees Troy speaking internationally and conducting workshops with the aim to raise the bar for podiatry globally.

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