Sam Johnston Podiatrist

Sam Johnston


Sam is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable podiatrist – and person! He’s built a fantastic reputation both within the profession and among other health professionals from his commitment to clinical excellence. It’s always a pleasure to see Sam with his patients and the trust they place in him. We greatly value his part in helping our clinic gain the status of being able to provide the best available podiatric care. Growing up Sam always liked mechanics and engineering. Later he developed an interest in human anatomy and physiology which he studied at University. Sam found podiatry a great mix of the two areas as it covers both biomechanics and disease processes. He thrives on the challenge when presented with a complex biomechanical problem and going through the examination and gait analysis process to reveal the cause of the symptoms. If you’ve ever been told that they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with your feet, legs, knees or hips – Sam is your man! He loves seeing the treatment that he prescribes helping his patients to overcome their problems. When he’s not being a detective and getting you better in the clinic, Sam is a family man who with his wife Nadine is busy raising four children.

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