Peter John Hanrick Orthotic Technician / Maintenance Officer

Peter John Hanrick

Orthotic Technician / Maintenance Officer

Peter or as per Troy, Obee – you would know why in the succeeding paragraphs. Obee is our maintenance slash handyman and our now Orthotic Technician. Such a versatile man, isn’t he? For more of his versatility, Obee worked with BHP, Caterpillar, and its dealer shop. As a personal accomplishment, he was able to assist two Toowoomba Heavy Equipment and Diesel Apprentices to the National Finals in Melbourne for Caterpillar. Obee is presently learning how to mill and prepare orthotics to improve outcomes for the patients and team aside from ensuring maintenance is up to date and the clinic stays compliant, health and safety, stock control. Obee is very mechanically minded, has great initiative, and says the word ‘can’t’ isn’t in his vocabulary.

On the other side of his wonderful life, he surely makes time for his family and grandkids. Obee is very grateful for the OH! – apart from having a professional team, positive feedback, and a business that is progressive, he also has more time with his family. He loves to travel and has an interest in classic cars. Some of his hobbies are building and maintaining personal computers and photography.

Now, why Obee? Because of his love for the bees! He’s a beekeeper of honey bees and native bees. One of his goals is to learn the best way of breeding native bees.

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