Our purpose is to

make health personal.

Your goals are always at the centre of everything we do.

We get it – visiting health professionals can sometimes be confusing, unpleasant and a tad painful. That is what we’re changing. We will always keep things personal, making sure you completely understand all our treatments, are always treated with the utmost respect and care, and that we are always working towards your goals (as for the tad painful bit…well, we certainly try to make everything as comfortable as possible but sometimes we do have to poke and prod you!).

Our approach is underpinned by three beliefs we never stray from:

podiatry Warwick
1. What performance means is personal to you
toowoomba podiatrist
2. Every person is a whole person and should be treated that way
podiatrist Warwick
3. Technology is here to support humans and we never forget the importance of human touch
OH Core Exercise

Our manifesto to health.

At OH! we believe health is personal.

Your individual goals are what matters. For some that may mean running a sub 4-minute mile. For others, it could be simply sleeping without painkillers. Whatever your goals may be, they become the goals of our world class team of specialists.

We love to collaborate and bring all our skills to bear on achieving them. We will make sure you’re not in the system, but have the system working for you. And when you hit your goals, you often find the unachievable becomes achievable. That mile turns into a marathon. Pain-free sleep turns into kicking a ball with the grandkids. And life gets better.

That’s the power of collaborative health.

That’s how we turn individual goals into optimised health.

Our future.

Your body is a complex system, with multiple factors responsible for what we call health.

To have this system working towards achieving your goals requires a ‘whole of you’ approach, where all your inputs are considered and the interactions within your body are optimised. This is why we’re expanding our expertise to ensure your whole body system is working together to achieve your goals – not just your body, but your mind and fuel too. And we’re backing it with even more smarts so you can get the best health outcomes. 

Your goals.

We always keep things personal.
Your goals are always the centre of everything we do.
You are always treated with respect and care.

Whole of you.
Supported by
the whole us.

Whole of you.

pilates Toowoomba

What happens in your mind is reflected in your habits and your health. We help you build healthy mental habits, which lead to healthy lifestyle habits.

exercise physiology Toowoomba
Correct treatment requires thorough diagnosis to find the root cause of a problem. This cause is what we fix while we manage your symptoms together.
clinical exercise physiologist Toowoomba
What goes into your body defines what it is capable of, so we consider medicines, supplements, nutrition, sleep and energy to optimise your immunity and gut/mind link.

Supported by the whole us.

Running Analysis Toowoomba

We bring world-class practitioners, each with unique and standout specialities, together to diagnose, treat and optimise your health and help you achieve your goals.

physio Toowoomba
We collect, track, and analyse data about your health and performance in order to make informed decisions on where we are in your journey and where to focus next.
Shockwave Treatment
We use the most comprehensive suite of health technology and equipment available, giving you access to the same health and performance tools as the elite athletes.
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