Painless. Simple. No more fungal nails.

Finally an effective solution to
fix ugly fungal toenails.

Ok, it’s time to talk about your toenails. No, they shouldn’t be that colour. Yes, we know you’ve tried all the other treatments out there. And yes, there IS something you haven’t tried yet! Lasers. Cold Lasers. Seriously. We use lasers to kill toenail fungus.

Are you ready to have beautiful toenails again?

Finally, a solution is now available for your embarrassing fungal toenail infections! With Cold Laser treatment, you can look forward to no longer needing to hide your toenails anymore, and you can stop worrying about spreading it to family and friends.

Cold Laser is the most effective treatment for fungal nail infections currently available, and we’re delighted to now be offering it to our patients in the Toowoomba, Warwick and the Darling Downs region. This treatment means no more ineffective nail paints or creams, no more oral medications with common and unpleasant side effects, or painful hot laser procedures.

Cold Laser treatment for fungal nail infections is safe, effective and painless!

Our 3 Step Process.

Prepare nail
Step 1.

Prepare nail. Test for fungus. Form treatment plan.

Laser the nail
Step 2.

Laser the nail. 12 minutes per foot. 2 to 8 sessions.

Review 3, 6 and 12 months.
Step 3.

Review 3, 6 and 12 months.

Our results.

onychomycosis triple toe
onychomycosis before and after
onychomycosis yellow thumb and index before and after
onychomycosis thumb with index before and after
Lunula Laser Nail Treatment

Lunula Laser Nail Treatment.

For most of our patients, self treating fungal nail infections has been a frustrating process. The previous treatments on the market have been ineffective (painting medications on the nail), occasionally unsafe (oral medications), or painful (hot laser). Fungal infections are highly contagious, usually unsightly and sometimes painful, and hard to cure.

We are now proud to offer a safe, effective and painless alternative- Lunula Cold Laser. It is used extensively worldwide, and we are now offering this treatment in our Flagship Mackay clinic.

Lunula is the most effective treatment availiable, it is FDA approved for treating fungal toenails, and has been tested in numerous clinic trials and treated many many people to grow clear healthy nails again.

The treatment works by dual laser therapy, using two laser beams, which work together to destroy the fungus, stimulate blood flow, and activate the immune response to clear the infection.

Cold Laser causes no pain or discomfort and no risk of skin damage or burns.

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