Sports Injuries

Sports injuries don’t need to leave you on the bench forever.

Don’t Pass Off Pain.

Acquiring a sports injury can put you on the sidelines much more easily than you might expect. Whether you’re a professional or enjoy playing local sport with friends, one wrong move can put a temporary halt to doing what you love. And that’s just not cricket! While participating in any type of sport, including walking and jogging, runs the risk of sports injuries, there are ways to prevent— and treat— these as much as possible.
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Sports Injury Conditions.

Shin Splints Toowoomba

Shin Splints

Pain in the shinbone— the bone running down the front of your lower leg— is known as shin splints. Shin splints are typically caused by tight calf muscles, running on hard surfaces, or wearing unsupportive footwear.
Achilles Tendinopathy Toowoomba

Achilles Tendinopathy

When a tendon is damaged, it’s referred to as tendinopathy. Achilles tendinopathy is when that injury has occurred in your Achilles tendon, which can be quite painful and affect your ability to walk.
Patella Tracking Issues Toowoomba

Patella Tracking Issues

The patella (kneecap) can shift out of place when there is too much stress placed on the knee. This usually happens as a result of twisting motions that are common in many sports. If you have patella tracking issues, you may feel pain, popping, or grinding in your kneecap.
Ankle Sprains Toowoomba

Ankle Sprains

When the ligaments that support your ankle are stretched beyond their limits, this can result in an ankle sprain. This is a common sports injury that varies in severity depending on how many ligaments have been affected and to what extent.

How Optimise Health Can Help You?

At Optimise Health, we frequently see sports injuries among people of all ages and athletic abilities. You don’t need to be either a complete beginner or an Olympic-level athlete to acquire a sports injury! We’ve recently seen an increase in children engaging in competitive sports at earlier ages, which can have serious consequences on growing bones with vulnerable growth plates. Meanwhile, many adults tend to wait until pain from a sports injury affects their day-to-day life, which means that further damage occurs in the meantime.

As sports injuries may result in short-term and long-term complications if not treated and rehabilitated effectively, we use innovative musculoskeletal techniques with the aim to rehabilitate the injury.

Our range of services includes: 

If your feet sports injury has impacted your feet and the way you move around, podiatry may be just what you needed to put the spring back in your step! We offer the full range of podiatry services from biomechanical examination to nail restoration, and even provide running and gait analysis on-site. Plus, our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to make custom orthotics on-site in just 80 minutes, so you can get back to your day-to-day life as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

With our professional hhysio services in Toowoomba and Warwick, you’ll receive hands-on care from a dedicated team of experts. We employ a range of treatments including electrotherapy, dry needling, and manual therapy to ensure optimal recovery.

Pilates is a great way to exercise that helps your body in so many ways! Our 45-minute classes are limited to four people each, and we also offer one-on-one Pilates and reformer Pilates. And if you thought it was just a fitness fad, think again! Pilates is an incredible form of exercise for people of all ages and abilities, including those recovering from a sports injury.

Hydrotherapy is an excellent, gentle, and low-impact form of movement that can support your sports injury recovery. Our hydrotherapy classes focus on tailored exercise plans that are designed by your practitioner to support your goals. It’s also a fun, social, and relaxing form of therapy.
Our Optimise Health Run Club and Walking Group are led by our physiotherapists. We welcome runners and walkers of all levels and abilities, including people starting their journey with our couch to 5km program. Twice a week, we welcome people to join for just a $5 donation – all money is donated to charity. We meet rain, hail, or shine.

If you’re a confident swimmer looking for a low-impact recovery option, join our swim club! We offer:

Interval swim sessions with drills

Technique sessions to improve your swimming ability

Please note you must be able to swim 1-2.5km to join.

Get Back On The Field With Optimise Health.

We understand how sports can place extreme stress on the body and put us at significant risk of injury. We also understand that each person’s injury and experience with that injury is different, which is why we offer tailored treatment that is designed specifically for you!

At Optimise Health, we have a wide range of services for both rehabilitation and optimisation, including biomechanical examination, movement analysis, and assessments for athletes such as cyclists and runners. In addition to treatment, we incorporate education into everything we do, so that you have the resources to hopefully prevent any further injuries in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

A sports injury is any injury that you acquire while doing an athletic activity. This can be acute (sudden) or chronic (develops over time). They typically occur when a muscle or group of muscles is overused or directly impacted by force such as a fall.
Sports that involve a lot of running, jumping, turning or changing direction quickly see a higher rate of sports injuries. However, any sport has the potential to lead to a sports injury, including swimming, dancing, and gymnastics.
Anybody who plays sports has a risk of sports injury, though some are more at risk than others. Your risk may be increased if you don’t warm up and cool down properly, don’t wear protective equipment, or are new to exercise. While you may see and hear about professional players’ sports injuries, they can happen to anybody from beginners to professional athletes and can occur at any age, including young children.
Sports injuries can cause a wide range of injuries, as they can affect many different parts of the body. Bruises, cuts, sprains, and strains are common sports injuries that can impact any part of the body. Meanwhile, sciatica affects the spine and can run down the back of the leg, a rotator cuff tear affects the shoulder, and tennis elbow tends to affect— you guessed it!— the elbow.
There are many allied health services that may be able to assist with your sports injury. All sports injuries are different, and people with the same injury may require different treatments. While physiotherapy may work well for your friend, a different service— or a combination— may be better for you. If you’re unsure of who to visit, contact us at Optimise Health and we’ll work with you to tailor your treatment to you.
Yes! We’re proud to have worked with a number of professional athletes, including Olympians and other sportsmen and sportswomen at the top of their game.

Why We’re The Team To Optimise Your Performance Like No Other?

Allied Health Professionals

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Your goals are our goals, and they may require the help of more than one person— that’s what we’re here for! We take a multi-disciplinary approach in an effort to help you reach both your sports and personal goals as quickly and as safely as possible.
Optimise Health Facilities

State-Of-The-Art Facilities And Technology

Modern treatment require modern facilities. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to use the latest technologies and treatments to help get you back on the field sooner. In addition to treating sports injuries, we also offer cycling assessments, movement analysis, running assessments, squat assessments, and more.
OH Multifaced Approach

Proactive Care And Prevention Of Sports Injuries

In many cases, sports injuries can be avoided altogether. This is especially key for athletes! With the right tools and steps to employ preventative measures, you may be able to minimise your risk of acquiring a sports injury that keeps you out of action in the first place.

Get Back Out There And Start Kicking Your Goals.

Whether you’re planning on literally kicking goals or reaching your metaphorical ones, there’s no better team to help you get there than Optimise Health. With our compassionate care and thorough understanding of sports injuries and their possible treatments, you can get back to reaching those goals sooner than you may think.

Optimise Your Health Today.

When a sports injury has got you down, you don’t need to stay there. Thanks to advances in technology and the wealth of experience and knowledge of the Optimise Health team, you could be back on your feet sooner than you think! To see how we may be able to assist with treating your sports injury and getting you back in the game, contact our friendly and experienced team at Optimise Health today.
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