Are frequent headaches becoming a headache?

What Are Headaches?

Most of us experience headaches to varying degrees at some point in our lives. This form of pain can affect any part of the head and can be due to a host of causes and underlying issues.

Although headaches are common, they are generally not a normal factor that should be ignored or counted as ‘just a part of life.’ Modifications and treatment can often help you find relief, improve underlying elements, and prevent further issues. Headaches can develop from a range of factors such as:

  • Structural and mechanical issues, such as tight neck muscles, nerve irritation, or misaligned joints.
  • Lifestyle factors, such as lack of rest, insufficient nutrition, poor posture, and inadequate glasses.
  • Mental and emotional influences, such as stress and anxiety.
  • Health conditions, such as infections and injuries.
Headache and Migraine Treatment Toowoomba

Types Of Headache.

Head pain can be experienced in different parts of the head, can last for varying lengths of time, and may be accompanied by other symptoms or none at all. Headaches can be categorised depending on these factors, as well as what causes them. Some of these include:
Tension Headaches Toowoomba

Tension Headaches

This is the type of headache that affects most people. Symptoms generally include a tightness around the head and can involve discomfort in the jaw and neck. Physical and emotional stressors are generally behind tension headaches. These can include factors such as poor posture, injuries, grief, and apprehension.
Posture-Related Headaches Toowoomba

Posture-Related Headaches

When we hold our body incorrectly, strain is put on a variety of body parts, and this can irritate or displace joints and soft tissues. The resulting tension and potential degeneration can create headaches of varying types and severities.
TMJ Headaches Toowoomba

TMJ Headaches

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw to your skull. Due to its role in complex activities such as eating and talking, the corresponding muscles, bones and soft tissues can tighten, decrease in mobility, and be affected by wear and tear. This can then lead to headaches. Causes may include factors such as teeth grinding and stress.
Referred Pain Headaches Toowoomba

Referred Pain Headaches

Headaches can develop due to injuries or issues elsewhere in your body that are influencing the pain within your head. An example of this is a cervicogenic headache, in which pain is referred to the head from problems in the neck region.
Medical Headaches ​ Toowoomba

Medical Headaches

There are a variety of health issues that can lead to headaches. In these situations, focusing on the underlying issue is particularly pertinent. A multidisciplinary approach can be a beneficial form of treatment.
Migraine Toowoomba


Pain in the head can be due to migraines, which generally involve throbbing pain that is typically on one side of the head. Other symptoms can accompany the pain, such as light sensitivity, auras, and vomiting. Migraines are not completely understood but are often due to environmental, genetic, or hormonal factors.

How Optimise Health Can Help You?

Our multi-disciplinary team can provide a thorough assessment and identify the possible causes of your headaches. Depending on your needs, relevant practitioners will develop a treatment plan and assist you in finding relief and reducing further headaches. Options within our range of services that may help improve your headaches include:
Misalignment in the body can lead to headaches. While it may be unexpected, this can sometimes start in the feet! A podiatrist can provide assessment and treatment to realign your gait, posture, and body to reduce headache symptoms.

At our Toowoomba and Warwick clinics, we offer state-of-the-art facilities and skilled practitioners. Whether you’re a sportsperson or suffering from a work-related injury, our customised programs aim to restore your physical wellbeing.

Clinical Pilates has countless benefits and is suitable for most people of all ages and abilities. We offer 45-minute mat and reformer classes that involve a maximum of five people or can be provided one-on-one. These are run on-site and include all necessary equipment.

When you are faced with neck pain, the idea of a massage can be all too appealing! Our therapists can help to reduce the tension in your neck, improve your neck mobility, and reduce your pain by using techniques that focus on the underlying issue.

Tailored Treatment For Headaches.

There are many ways to treat headaches. The plan of action depends on the type of headaches you are experiencing and the underlying factors and causes. Reaching for medication is often the first move people make. This may help, but it is generally a temporary solution. Forms of treatment that focus on the causes of headaches can have a more long-term and positive outcome.

At Optimise Health, we adopt a personalised approach to headache treatment. After a comprehensive assessment, your practitioner will determine a treatment plan to suit you. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

We can provide treatment even when you do not have an active headache because it can help prevent them from occurring, as well as relieve current ones.
Make sure you stay hydrated and eat healthily. Try a cold pack or a wet flannel on your forehead or neck. Avoid bright lights and loud noises. Rest up. Get checked out by your GP if you’re concerned or experience a sudden change in symptoms.
We will ask you questions regarding details such as the length of time you have been experiencing the headaches, the type of pain involved, accompanying symptoms, and potential triggers. It might be helpful to note down things you have noticed that may be links, causes, and signs.

Multiple Treatment Options Under One Roof?

When you are suffering from headaches, the last thing you want to be doing is embarking on an endless search to find the right team to help you. That is why Optimise Health is so great!

Allied Health Professionals

Holistic And Multi-Disciplinary

Headaches can respond well to a variety of approaches and techniques. We are proud to offer high-quality care in a range of allied health disciplines.
OH Multifaced Approach

See More Than One Practitioner

Because we have a variety of practitioners, we can refer you easily and swiftly to colleagues who we know and trust. This means you avoid the hunt for reliable and skilled therapists when you require assistance from multiple allied health professionals.
Optimise Health Facilities

High-Quality, Up-To-Date Resources

Our clinic is unique because we offer a variety of therapies, equipment, and testing options onsite. This includes features such as gait analysis equipment, Pilates reformer machines, and customised orthotics equipment.

Don’t Be Hassled By Headaches.

Headaches can have a significant impact on your overall wellbeing. They may also be indicators of other health issues. Listen to your body and seek help when it is asking for it. If you’re struggling with recurring headaches or pain in the face, neck, jaw, or head, book your initial appointment at Optimise Health today.

Optimise Your Health Today.

We know how troublesome headaches can be, so we are committed to helping you find relief and prevent future headaches as much as possible. Get in touch, and we can provide a comprehensive assessment of your situation and create a suitable plan for you.

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