Why massage and stretching are crucial before getting back into exercise

Why should you properly condition your body before getting back into exercise?

Take it from Gerard “Ged” Sippel, a professional cricket player trying to get back into the game after a long time.

Ged came to the clinic to prepare for a rural T20 cricket event. A month earlier, he had just had a meniscus operation because his knees weren’t too happy with the conditioning he did.

Cricket players often lean forward and bend their knees, so it’s common for them to suffer from lower back pain and meniscus injuries.

And with Ged’s kids getting involved in sports and cricket, we want him to be able to play with them without the risk of getting injured again.

For this treatment, our podiatrist and physiotherapist in Toowoomba Pieter Van Der Kooij recommended that he work more towards cycling and recommended massage therapy to decrease swelling, inflammation, and tension and loosen muscle groups for better performance.

Here at OH!, we don’t just want to help you avoid injuries and alleviate your pain, we want to make sure that you can spend time with your family and have the best time of your life.

So, if you need some prep and support before getting back into sports, book a visit with us today!

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