White Spots On Toenails After Removing Polish

White Spots On Toenails After Removing Polish

Painting your toenails can be an easy way to bring some fun colour to an outfit or create a subtle and polished look (pardon the pun) that helps you feel and look stylish and put together. And when you love something, you tend to keep doing it. So, you may remove one colour and instantly replace it with a new one. Or you might even top up the current colour that is starting to show signs of wear and tear with another coat. 

The problem with doing this, however, is that your nails do not get the chance to breathe. Just like our skin, our nails need some time to be exposed to the air and sunlight to stay healthy, though we do not mean they literally consume oxygen and nutrients from external sources. Giving them a break, time to ‘breathe’, can help them stay dry and less prone to weakness, irritation, and discolouration caused by certain products and issues such as dehydration and keratin granulation.

Have you ever removed your nail polish only to find white spots on your toenails? It might make you feel self-conscious and want to cover them up again with a new coat of polish. However, be mindful of what those white spots mean. Optimise Health can help you look after your nails and improve their look and health. 

Why Do The White Spots Appear?

You may be concerned that those white spots are signs of a fungal infection. However, they are usually not because of fungi. To continue the good news, the white spots can be easier and quicker to get rid of than fungal infections, and they are not contagious.

Nail polishes generally contain a mix of chemicals, some of which can be quite harsh on your nails and the surrounding skin. One chemical that is often included is acetone. These chemicals can dehydrate the nail and create keratin granulations.

Keratin Granulations

Ok, so what are keratin granulations? When your nail polish has been on for an extended time, the nails’ health can be affected. One problem that may occur upon removing the polish that has clung to the nails for so long is the superficial layers of cells can also come away from the polish. These cells are the keratin within the nail. This is when rough, white patches can appear. 

How Can You Get Rid Of The White Spots On Your Toenails?

Fortunately, when this occurs, it is typically not a stubborn or tricky problem to resolve. The keratin granulation can begin to fade and will grow out with the nail. There are some steps you can take to assist with the natural process. These include the following:

  • Let the nails have a break from nail polish. It might feel odd or disappointing not to have colour or shine on your toenails but think of the long-term benefits of letting your nails recuperate to improve the white spots and avoid further discolouration occurring. This includes avoiding nail strengthening polishes.
  • Buff the affected areas with a gentle buffer. By doing this carefully, you can lift some of the deposits and reduce the white appearance.
  • Rehydrate your toenails. This can be done by using a moisturising cream on and around the nails. Keeping your nails hydrated (but not wet or moist) can also reduce the chance of a fungal infection developing because of the same dehydration that has caused the keratin granulation.

What Can A Podiatrist Do To Help With White Spots?

This is a common issue, and we are experienced in treating it. There are a few different options we can utilise. These may include the following:

  • Assessing the nail and ensuring the issue is caused by keratin granulation and not a fungal infection to ensure that the correct treatment is undertaken. If the issue is caused by a fungal infection, treatment may take a route including our Erchonia Lunula Laser device, which provides a low-level laser therapy, anti-fungal medication (oral or topical), and routine nail care.
  • Using specific tools to gently remove the white spots.
  • Providing guidance regarding how to care for your nails so that this issue does not arise again. 

Optimise Health Can Assist With White Spots On Your Toenails

Caring for your feet is an ongoing commitment towards good overall health and comfort, and this includes looking after your toenails. Otherwise, problems can develop that are persistent, unsightly, and uncomfortable. 

The podiatrists at Optimise Health are highly experienced and qualified to assist with your foot care and can help to reduce white spots caused by keratin granulation. Give our friendly team a call so that we can help you improve the appearance and health of your toenails.


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