If You’ve Noticed That We’re Not Your Average Podiatry Clinic – You’re Absolutely Right

At The Podiatrist, you may have noticed when you come into our clinic at the Range Health centre in Toowoomba, that something feels different. You may not be able to quite put your finger on it at first, but from the Podiatrists to the admin staff, perhaps you see that everyone has a genuine smile on their face. They’re happy. They’re friendly. There’s nothing untoward or unfamiliar. Everyone seems helpful – they help the patients, the help each other. The warm space is light and bright. It’s welcoming. You can relax. Quite a lovely atmosphere, isn’t it?

You go into you appointment. You share your concerns about your feet with your Podiatrist. He’s attentive and caring. He doesn’t look at you as just another person with a foot problem. He’s on your team. He wants you better as much as you do. He’s professional and thorough, yet has a laugh with you too. He takes the time to explain what’s going on, and takes even more time to make sure you understand and to answer your questions. When you go through the treatment plan, he’s actually remembered and taken into account that you’re hoping to do the 10km fun run in 3 months’ time. He listened and remembered. He’s going to have you ready and out of pain for it – he believes it – and so do you. You feel supported and comforted, like there’s hope and like you’ve got this. You do have this.

Shouldn’t this be what all appointments and clinics are like, regardless of the profession? When did the image of going to see a health practitioner get distorted from the above to one of a small, cramped waiting room where you’re out quicker than you’re in? Where you’re left with more questions than answers?

That’s not us and it’s not what we’re about. At The Podiatrist, it is our values and company culture that give us that warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere you were picturing just moments earlier. Each one of our team members is there not to fill any open spot but because they were hand-picked as they share our values and our vision. They believe in providing exceptional patient care and going above and beyond for their patients and for one another. They are a real team. They are genuine – no masks. They do what is right, no matter what. They play above the line. They are world class and they are WOW – always looking to add value to our patients, referrers, each other and the community.

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