We love what we do – and it shows!

We love what we do – and it shows

We understand how difficult and unnerving it is to have a painful problem and to put your recovery in the hands of someone you’re meeting for the very first time.

Here at The Podiatrist, you become part of our family. We love that we see our patients for years, whether you have regular appointments or whether you develop numerous problems over the years that we help you with. Over that time, we share plenty of jokes, recipes and life events with our patients and we’re honoured to get to know so many incredible and lovely people.

We’re dedicated to helping you realise your full potential by getting you out of pain and back to achieving everything you want. We always give 110% to everything we do, from our staff to our admin team, and we love our patients’ feedback about feeling comfortable, relaxed and happy in our facilities because that’s exactly what we strive for!

Thank you to both our staff – Kylie, Yvonne, Petrina and Sam – as well as our lovely patients, Ingrid and Jo, for your kind words!

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