The Lunula Laser for Fungal Nails: Over 6 Months in Practice and Here’s Our Review!

Lunula Laser for Fungal Nails

After many years of hearing about the dissatisfaction of our patients in not being able to get rid of their fungal nail infection after trying traditional creams and ointments, we decided to trial the Lunula Laser at the end of last year. One of our driving forces was that some of our patients genuinely felt embarrassed and bad about the state of their nails, so we wanted to look into finding an effective solution for them and many others feeling the same. After seeing the great results and getting great feedback, we made the purchase and have been using the laser ever since.

After over 6 months of having it in clinic, here is what we’ve learnt:


  • We’ve had zero side effects, complaints of pain or anything of the sort
  • There’s no starting/stopping the process due to heat unlike other lasers that use heat to try eliminating the fungus – a process that takes up to an hour
  • It takes 12 minutes per foot and the process is very simple
  • The low-level laser stimulates the growth of strong, clear and healthy nails as they grow out and the previously damaged nail is cut away
  • You don’t need to change or adjust anything about your day – just put your (clean) shoes on afterwards and go
  • We typically provide a minimum of 4 treatments and more may be required depending on the severity of your infection
  • Sessions are typically spaced 7 days apart
  • Part of the treatment is learning to manage the fungus in your environment (such as in your shoes) as we as your nail fungus, to minimise the risk of reinfection

While the laser has provided a great solution to discoloured, unsightly and sometimes painful fungal nails, the best part of offering this great treatment is the confidence we’ve seen it give back to our patients. They’re getting excited about wearing sandals in summer and not being embarrassed by their feet! To be able to offer that and genuinely improve their quality of life has been the most rewarding thing and we look forward to treating many more people struggling with nail fungus and helping them beat it once and for all.

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