Teenage Athletic Development

This is Stuart Canavan, Senior Physiotherapist and high-performance consultant, talking to you from Optimise Health in Toowoomba, having a chat to you today about athletic development in teenage athletes.

In my former world in Melbourne, I conducted and directed a highschool-based program down there that was home to 700+ athletes so I’m very passionate about this field. It’s not often discussed in sport but the framework for seeing young athletes optimise their performance and perhaps one day go on to senior levels of sport, even at a high level, requires a really solid foundation of the development of good athletic qualities. Qualities like speed, mobility, agility, strength, are all really important and require a strategic approach to see not only the optimisation of their performance in the long-term but also just as important, the prevention of injury in the short-term.

So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking to you all in a little bit more detail about elements of this type of approach and some of the research in that space. We’ll look forward to hopefully, in the very near future, offering some classes for young athletes that allow the development and enhancement of these athletic qualities.

Stay tuned and we’ll talk again soon! Thank you, stay well.

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