Swim Toowoomba Swim by Optimise Health

Hi guys. I’m Lauren and I’m the new physio at Optimise Health.

I am also a qualified swim coach and Optimise Health are going to be starting some swimming sessions run by me, which is super exciting.

So, if you’re keen to get better at your swimming, we’re going to hold a few sessions each week. There’s a few different sessions that we’re going to be doing. One of them is a bit more swim fitness based. So if you just want to get faster at your swimming, that’ll be perfect for you.

One of them is going to be a bit more technique focused. So if you want to get into swimming, but not really sure where to start, that will be the one for you. And then if you’re really, really keen to get really good and really refine your technique, I’ll be offering one-on-one sessions as well.

If you’re keen to get into swimming, make sure to give us a call or an email at Optimise Health and I’ll get back to you to sort out the best programme suited for you.

Super excited to meet you guys and see you at the pool.

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