Our secret formula for getting RELIEF from plantar fasciitis heel pain!

Have you got pain at the bottom of your heels that is worst first thing in the morning? 
Have you tried rolling your feet over ice bottles and tennis balls but the pain is still there?
Have you been putting up with the pain and aches for months without relief?
Are you worried the pain might be getting worse?
Do you want to know how our podiatrists that specialize in heel pain help our patients finally get rid of their heel pain once and for all?
Then this is exactly for you.

Heel pain sucks.

Yep, we said it. Well, actually, many patients let us know this and their frustration with heel pain every day. Heel pain:

  • Limits you from walking comfortably (and in some cases, walking at all)
  • Interferes with completing daily tasks and chores
  • Stops you from enjoying your favorite sports and physical activities
  • Can be a tremendous burden on both you and your family
  • Can worsen and become more serious over time

These serious implications on your life means you need to not waste time on treatments that don’t work and get it sorted quickly. And you’ve come to the perfect place.

One of the reasons that heel pain is so difficult to manage on your own is because you put pressure and use the damaged area and structure with every step you take. This structure is called the plantar fascia. Unlike other injuries where you can largely avoid using the painful or injured area, such as your shoulder or when you have your arm in a sling, you really can’t avoid using your feet unless you have some crutches at the ready and are committed to using them 24/7. 

The good news

The good news is that heel pain is our specialty. After decades of successfully treating patients that are struggling with it, we’re also just very, very good at it. We even have a secret formula that is used by all of our podiatrists when we make your treatment plan and start you on your way to feeling great on your heels again! Here it is:

  • REDUCE STRAIN – Reduce strain and pressure away from the heel and plantar fascia while supporting and correcting the biomechanics of the foot – with custom orthotics made precisely for feet
  • SUPPORT – Support the foot at the ankle, limit abnormal movement and help protect and comfort your feet while you walk – with good footwear and custom orthotics
  • STRETCH (when ready!) – Stretches and exercises will address tight muscles and tissues that will have contributed to the development and continuation of your heel pain. Note: It’s IMPORTANT not to start certain stretches too early or you’ll risk causing further damage – your Podiatrist will provide you with clear instructions around this.
  • MODIFY – Activity modification will reduce the likelihood of further damage and prolonged injury (and pain!)
  • When we combine all of these strategies, you’re able to walk around while your foot remains supported and the heel is able to continue to heal. Before you know it – voila! Your pain will be gone.

Your podiatrist stays with you every step of the way, answering all the questions you have and helping you in any other way we can. At times, we may incorporate acupuncture or other treatment elements into your plan where it will be beneficial to your recovery.

How to get started

It’s pretty simple – just give us a call on 07 4638 3022 or book online to get an appointment with one of our podiatrists! We’ll take care of all of the rest. We’ll start by confirming the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis and making sure it hasn’t progressed to anything worse – like a tear in the fascia. This can happen when plantar fasciitis is left untreated. From there, we’ll discuss each element of your treatment plan so you know exactly what’s going on and why.

  • We completely understand how frustrating and painful heel pain is, especially when it’s been going on for months. We love what we do and feel privileged to be able to help each one of our patients overcome their heel pain. If you’d like to finally get relief from your heel pain too then get in touch and we’ll see you soon!
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