Running – Related Gym Sessions Are HERE!

Related Gym Sessions Are HERE

We’re excited to announce the start of our running-related gym sessions that we have co-created with Ben Loxley from Complete Body Health and Fitness!

We’ve started these sessions because we treat runners every day whose injuries have resulted from fundamental inadequacies in their running technique. Regardless of whether they’re competitive or recreational runners, we’ve been identifying various biomechanical abnormalities that have been hindering the runners’ performance and leading to injury. These abnormalities may be a result of:

  • Limited range of motion through a joint(s)
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Weakness in key muscle groups
  • Poor alignment or function of the feet and legs

Often, there is also a fundamental lack of understanding around running techniques and the impact of technique on performance and injury.

Here at The Podiatrist, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing countless patients who have responded very well to simple exercise prescriptions and technical guidance, some have even found additional benefits integrating reformer pilates in Toowoomba into their routine, especially when addressing muscular imbalances. However, some people do require a greater level of guidance and training.. This is a benefit we saw in being involved in exercise plans – incorporating the effects of the aforementioned abnormalities, which are never assessed by a Personal Trainer alone.

The GOAL of these classes is to provide a small, friendly and social training session that specifically includes exercises that we know facilitate and rehabilitate running. This will also consider each person’s limitations and biomechanics.

Each class is broken down into 3 main areas of focus:

  • Core with a twist – these are core movements that include torsion to better stabilise the pelvis during running
  • Hip stability and motion – these are glute exercises, stretching and dynamic movements to promote better joint motion and strength
  • Foot stability and strength – these develop balance, control and intrinsic foot strength

These sessions are for all runners of any age, level and distance and are exercises are tailored to individual capacity and function.

Ben Loxley

Ben has great experience in strength and fitness training and has been applying this knowledge in helping improve his clients running ability. Ben regularly refers patients to us for Zebris assessments regarding concerns with their running and looking for guidance around tailoring their programs. It is this relationship and the results we have achieved together that sparked the idea to combine our strengths and start these classes!

Session times are currently:

– Monday 5pm – 5.45pm (Possibility of a 6.30pm – 7.15pm session)

– Friday 5am – 5.45am (Possibility of a 6.30am – 7.15am session)

We’re excited to see the difference this can make on helping our runners and non-runners perform at their best, gain good strength and motion and reduce their risk of injury!

For any questions or for more information, give our friendly team a call or you can reach Ben directly on 0403 884 790 or

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