Reformer Pilates Is Now Available! Here’s Why

Reformer Pilates

As many of you will already know, we operate under the principle of treating others like you’d treat yourself and your family, and the way we care for your health is no different. After many of our team, including Podiatrist Anne-Maree Hanrick, have had great success in optimising their health using Reformer Pilates, we’re proud to now introduce this service to our clinic! To help explain the benefits of Reformer Pilates and, we asked Anne-Maree to share her experience of how this service has been improving her life for the past few years.

Low risk of injury

  • Suitable for everyone regardless of strength or fitness levels
  • You control the difficulty – if it’s easy or challenging
  • Great for your core control and stability
  • Combines injury-specific exercises with core stabilizing challenges for maximum results
  • Can perform pilates programs at home, with minimal equipment
  • One-on-one training available with experienced professionals

“Reformer Pilates is a discipline that I have benefited from personally for a few years now. It has kept me fit and capable under the supervision of a great instructor.” – Anne Maree Hanrick

Pilates has a huge scope of practice. It can be easy or challenging, with an extremely low risk of injury. More importantly – everyone can do it! It’s not just for sporty or athletic people, and the payoff is huge regardless of the person’s capabilities. 

lying down reformer pilates

Every movement you perform in pilates must involve core activation, breathing focus and concentration, hence why it’s so helpful for rehabilitation, injury prevention and movement optimisation. 

girl doing reformer pilates

Without core control, the rest of the body is on shaky foundations and the risk of injury increases every time we move. Without core stability, all the injury-specific rehabilitation in the world will be redundant as soon as you challenge your body beyond what you can normally handle. 

Pilates can combine injury-specific exercises that include core stabilising challenges – a great two-for-one deal! 

We see many patients who aren’t gym junkies or fitness fanatics who would benefit from an exercise-based rehabilitation program they could perform at home. Pilates offers simple exercises anyone can perform with minimal equipment.” 

You can book in for reformer pilates sessions, or take part in our 6-week, one-on-one reformer program that specifically targets your deficits and works on movement-based goals. An appointment is 45 minutes and is available at Optimise Health on Ipswich Street. Take-home exercises are provided to help you maximise the benefits to your body and continue your care and progress in-between appointments.

Our aim is to create balanced and harmonious movement patterns for everyone. 

Ready to get started and help optimise your health?

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