Put Your Feet First

Put Your Feet First

October is the month to put your feet first

October is the month to put your feet first and Toowoomba podiatrist Kylie Endres is asking all residents – young and old – to make sure they are looking after their feet.

Ms Endres, from Toowoomba’s The Podiatrist, said year’s theme for National Foot Health Month was ‘feet are for life’.“Foot Health Month is hosted every year as an initiative of the Australasian Podiatry Council, the peak body for podiatry in Australia and this year’s campaign is all about raising awareness of the importance of foot health at every age,” Ms Endres said.“Foot health is important at any age especially if you have diabetes or circulating problems.“And while seeing your podiatrist is vital for vulnerable feet, even healthy feet should get a regular check-up, especially as they will walk around the world three times in a lifetime – around 150,000km!”

Ms Endres said whether you are an athlete struggling with training footwear, a young woman addicted to high heels, or a construction worker considering safety boots everyone needs to consider their feet.

“When you think about we are given two feet to last us a lifetime so we really need to take good care of them,” she said.

“Untreated foot problems can have a hugely detrimental effect on a person’s lifestyle and livelihood.

“You don’t want your feet to stop you doing what you love. Whether it be going outside with your kids to kick the footy, going for a bushwalk or even a walk on the beach or a day out shopping – you don’t want bad feet to stop you.”

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