How Podiatrists can help your dad feel better on his feet!

How Podiatrists can help your dad feel better on his feet

Father’s Day is this weekend and we LOVE the opportunity to celebrate the amazing dad’s in our lives (a little more than we already do on a daily basis!). To veer away from the usual ties, socks and mugs, we thought we’d talk about how an appointment with a Podiatrist can do wonders for dad’s feet, his mood and his well-being! So we’ve made a list of SIX ways we can help your dad feel better on his feet.

(By the way, if you ARE after some socks for dad, we’re fundraising for Drought Relief with funky coloured socks – available in our clinics!)

1. The painful lumps and bumps

After spending long hours on their feet as many dads do, it’s not surprising to develop corns and callous on the bottom of the feet. These areas of hardened skin are simply the body’s response to excess friction or pressure on the feet – which isn’t surprising with all their hard work and running around after their kids and grandkids. We can easily and effectively remove the corns and callous to make a noticeable difference and instant relief when dad puts his foot down.

2. Fixing tired, achy legs

If dad is getting tired, achy legs at the end of the day, there’s a reason for it. We’ll work to identify that reason and the affected muscles and areas, and use our vast range of clinical techniques to get him feeling better at the end of the day. Often, it is due to biomechanical discrepancies that result in muscles and joints being overused and hence getting tired and sore. By correcting this, you’re preventing a lot of discomfort in the years to come.

3. Optimising the way dad moves and performs in physical activities 

We’re ecstatic to be equipped with the best athlete-level technology – which means that we can optimise the way dad moves! Our Zebris gait analysis system has over 40,000 sensors to give us a perfect picture of exactly what is going on when dad is on the go and work to improve it so he gets the best performance for the effort he puts in. We also offer bike-specific assessments and orthotics to improve performance when cycling! One of our patients even went on to win Gold at the Masters Games after we assessed him and fitted him with bike-specific orthotics!

4. Helping dad with any difficult-to-heal ulcers

  • Ulcers are not only a real pain, but they can be very difficult to heal depending on dad’s circulation and numerous other factors. This is common in diabetes, and have previously proven to be a real challenge. Earlier this year, we introduced the BodyFlow in the treatment of ulcers and the results have been spectacular, just like this ulcer below from one of our patients who struggled with it for many months until we came in.
full leg ulcer

5. Helping dad with any injuries or pains that he’s been waiting to “go away on their own”

When it comes to foot and leg injuries, waiting for them to “fix themselves” or “go away on their own” is a statement we hear VERY often. For many patients, they just get worse from not taking proper care of their and the recovery ends up much longer than it needs to be. The solution? Bring dad in to see our team! We’ll explain exactly what is going on, why he’s feeling any discomfort or pain, what caused it, and get him started on his journey to recovery.

6. Get rid of that pesky fungal toenail infection

Yep, we do that too! And not by any creams or tablets but by using painless and simple cold laser. All dad has to do is sit back, relax, and let the two laser beams do their thing. It’s effective, simple and completely pain-free! Aaaand undoubtedly, mum will be VERY thankful.

Alongside all of these things, our team greets every patient with a warm, friendly smile as we do our best to help you feel great on your feet! For more information or to book an appointment, you can give us a call on 07 4638 3022 or book online here.

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