Pain Management & Relief

Pain Management & Relief

Hi, this is Stuart Canavan from Optimise Health in Toowoomba.

Having a chat with you today about pain. Now, chronic pain in Australia is a massive problem with almost 3.3 million people experiencing ongoing pain now. There’s been a lot of advances in pain research in the last 20 years that I’d like to share with you over the next few posts but firstly let’s have a chat about where a lot of people currently sit with respect to the treatment they receive for their pain. That’s within a model of care that is often referred to as the biomedical model. Now what this means is that health professionals often go seeking a particular cause for pain, whether it be a specific joint, disc, muscle as an example.

Now, a more modern and up-to-date approach to pain will look more broadly at pain as a more complex experience. It can be influenced by a variety of factors and so in seeing someone for particularly chronic problems, it’s important that these factors are explored and considered as part of management.

So, if you’ve been experiencing persistent time for some time now and treatment hasn’t given you the clinical results that you were hoping for, I’ve spent many years working in chronic and complex pain and I’m more than happy to sit down and talk with you about your problem, and learn more about what you’ve been experiencing, go through the process of a quite detailed assessment. Then from there, we can put together a management plan that really considers a broader array of factors in why you may be experiencing ongoing pain. So, don’t hesitate to give the team here at The Physio a call and I’ll be more than happy to help. Talk to you soon!

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