Orthotics For A-Grade Cricket Player Like Aidan Reduce Your Pain, Improve Your Performance & Prevent Injuries

We’ve always been big sports fanatics here at The Podiatrist – and cricket is no exception. But do you know what we love even more than playing or watching cricket? It’s helping cricket players optimise their health and realise their full potential by looking after their feet and legs.

This is exactly what we’ve been doing for Aidan Watterson – and he’s been smashing it on the field! So today, we thought we’d introduce you to him and show you exactly how we can help players stay at the top of their game.

Meet Aidan, 22, Open Bowler

Born and raised in Toowoomba, it’s safe to say that cricket has founded a large portion of Aidan Watterson’s life. He fell in love with the sport at age 5, playing for the Northern Brothers Diggers Club, where he ended up playing for 15 years. During his career, Aidan has:

Debuted in A grade for Northern Brothers Diggers at the age of 15 (2012).

Played for Toowoomba Cavaliers, Darling Downs & South West Queensland & South Queensland

Made the U17, U19 & U21 Queensland Countrysides, in which he captained the U21 team – a real honour for him.

Played for the Western Suburbs Club in Brisbane, where he made his first-grade debut at the age of 21 and played his first game against a star-studded Valleys team that consisted of Queensland and Australia players such as Usman Khawaja, Mark Steketee, Luke Feldman and Jack Wildermuth.

It’s safe to say that Aidan has had a very successful cricket career so far – and it’s only just beginning! He’s now starting his third season with the Wests and is hoping to achieve massive team and personal results.

How Aidan’s Lower Limb Problems Started Affecting His Cricket

In the last couple of seasons, Aidan has unfortunately been struck down with stress fractures and torn hamstrings. He found that at times, he’d be bowling 20+ overs a day and standing on the field for up to 6 hours, which was putting his legs and especially feet under so much pressure. He’d sometimes struggle to sprint or bowl at his full capacity because of the pain beneath his soles.

cricket player two blogWhen he wasn’t actively playing cricket, Aidan is teaching Health & Physical Education at St Mary’s College in Toowoomba and coaching the junior club teams and the college teams. This puts Aidan on his feet for the majority of the day – and makes maintaining healthy, strong feet and legs essential to his future success.

We should mention that Aidan had previously had a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis from his doctor, but hadn’t taken any steps to solve the problem. He did try getting some stockstandard cushioned inserts from the pharmacy that would help his pain for a short while, but the symptoms would always come back and the real problem was never treated.

Aidan’s goal for this season is to have a big pre-season and stay injury-free. This is exactly what we set out to help him do.

The Solution: The Podiatrist & Aidan’s Orthotics

cricket player blog

Aidan was recommended to see our team here and booked in for an appointment with our knowledgeable biomechanical Podiatrist, Sam, who he calls his “miracle worker”. 

Sam created two pairs of orthotics specifically for his cricket and life:

One pair for day-to-day coaching and teaching

One pair for bowling to get Aidan through his vigorous bowling loads

These orthotics are custom-prescribed and created using an impression of Aidan’s feet, Aidan’s biomechanical & gait assessment results, and Sam’s years of experience in the sporting field. Aidan hadn’t realised that we could make orthotics that meet the varying cricket demands and fits comfortably into cricket shoes too.

While Aidan admits being blown away by the quality of the orthotics, he told us that he was even more pleasantly surprised by the way that he was welcomed into the family at The Podiatrist. Sam not only does what is best for Aidan’s feet and career, but has gotten to know his story, his life, his commitments and his cricketing background – allowing them to work perfectly together.

Aidan’s Results

Aidan refers to his orthotics as “game changers” – literally. He can now be on his feet all day, coaching and teaching without pain. He can then go to the gym and train for cricket. In the past, all of this action would tighten his lower leg and cause him grief, but currently, he hasn’t had any re-occurrence of his pains and problems.

Any Advice for Other Cricketers, Aidan?

We asked Aidan if there was any advice or suggestions that he’d give to cricketers that are struggling with their performance in this sport. His advice was:

“If there were any other cricketers who have suffered from the same lower leg and feet problems as I have, I would definitely recommend seeing Sam and the guys at the Podiatrist. Not only will they help ease your pain, but they will cater to your cricketing needs, whether you are a fast bowler, batsman or even a wicketkeeper.” 

It’s Your Turn

If you want to see how a cricket-specific assessment can help relieve your pain, improve your performance or work to prevent injuries, book in with Aidan’s Podiatrist, Sam by clicking here or calling us on (07) 4638 3022.

We love working with young, passionate athlete’s to help them reach their goals and realise their full potential – and we absolutely love cricket too!

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