OH! Meet Lauren Steele, our new Physiotherapist!

Hi. I’m Lauren, and I’m the new physio at Optimise Health.

I have just graduated from my degree at UQ and recently moved to Toowoomba to start working at Optimise Health and I’m really excited to kickstart my career here. I have a really keen interest in helping people recover from their injury and getting them back to their sports or just back to feeling a bit more like themselves after having a major injury.

I have come mainly from a swimming and water polo background. Really, really love those sports and I’m still heavily involved with those sports today

I also have loved working in team sports, which is what I did throughout my uni degree, particularly working with AFL and rugby teams.

What I love about Optimise Health is it’s really patient-centered. Helping people get back to feeling like themselves. And I’m really excited to help you guys on your journey from injury to full recovery, Whether that be going back to sport or just feeling better about your day-to-day activities.

So yeah, really excited to meet you guys!

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