Lunula Laser is the BEST Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections on the Market. Here’s Why!

Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections

The last year has seen us grow with excitement as we’ve watched countless patients develop clear, healthy nails after using the innovative Lunula laser. We’ve got to admit – it’s pretty awesome to see a condition that was previously VERY difficult to successfully treat, now become very simple to treat and for the process to appear, at least to the naked eye, very easy and simple too.

So why is Lunula the BEST treatment currently available on the market? Let’s start with a few key reasons.

1. Lunula laser has NO side effects

Numerous studies on the Lunula laser and it’s two laser beams at different cold wavelengths have not shown any adverse effects. This safe treatment is very different to options like oral medications, which carry with them the risk of damage and toxicity to the liver alongside other side effects.

2. Lunula laser is completely painless

Because Lunula laser uses cold laser to target stubborn nail fungus, it produces no pain or even discomfort. This makes it a great step up from hot laser options that use heat to destroy the fungus, and therefore carry with them the risk of burns to the skin surrounding and below the nail plate.

3. Lunula laser a significantly higher success rate

We’re not impressed to report that traditional treatments actually have a very poor success rates in independent studies. Using topical treatments such as ointments, lacquers and creams showed success rates of only up to 8.5%. Oral medications for those who could take them showed success rates of up to 55%. Cold laser has shown success rates of up to 93% in clinical studies, and our own experience with cold laser matches this, with at least 4 out of 5 patients achieving the clear, healthy nails they’ve been longing for.

4. The outcome doesn’t depend on the person doing the treatment

While hot lasers produce better results than the aforementioned traditional treatments, they are also rely heavily on the practitioner administering the treatment. This is because a practitioner must move the laser over every millimetre of the nail without burning it, and so are vulnerable to missing areas. Lunula laser covers the nail completely and thoroughly without the involvement of a practitioner to ensure the same reliable results every time.

5. Lunula laser uses your body’s immune defence 

The Lunula uses two separate laser beams to achieve its anti-fungal function. These beams are set at two different wavelengths of 405 nm and 635 nm, respectively. This means that it has two functions: firstly to act directly on the fungal cells and cause damage, and the second is to increase circulation and improve your body’s immune response so it finishes off and clears the infecting fungus. This also reduces the risk of future re-infection.

  • We love the Lunula and the fantastic results we’re getting for our patients every day. It truly is the best treatment available on the market and we have it available right here in Toowoomba & Darling Downs. To book in or for more information on this exciting treatment, give our team a call on 07 4638 3022
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