Lunula Laser – Before & 6 Months After

Lunula Laser – Before & 6 Months After

Having patients come in for their follow-up appointments after having their Lunula Laser treatments are a real pleasure as a podiatrist. We get to see patients that were originally embarrassed and unhappy about the state of their toenails grow confidence and happiness with their feet with every appointment.

After treatment, each month the toenails become visibly clearer and free of fungus as they grow out and are trimmed back. Here’s the before & 6 month progress shot of one of our recent patients:

What we’re seeing is healthy nail growth as the nail grows out, without any new yellow discolouration and brittleness that occurs when the fungus feeds on the keratin that the nail is made of. You can still see yellow patchy changes at the top of the nail where it has yet to grow out, but we don’t expect any further changes to the nail base as the once living fungal cells have been destroyed with the laser treatment.

Because a toenail can take 9 – 12 months to completely grow out, it is a gradual progress, but the results and freedom that comes with having clear, healthy nails that you’re proud to show off are unbeatable!

What makes the Lunula laser so great (aside from the results), is how simple and easy the actual process is. The treatment is completed in just 12 minutes per foot and is:

Completely safe with no side effects

Painless with NO risk of burns or damage to skin as it uses two cold laser beams

Effective with studies showing up to a 93% clearance rate

  • To see more results from our clinic, check out these before/after snaps from our Podiatrist Jays, alongside his experience using the Lunula laser: Laser for Fungal Nails – What’s It All About? Our Podiatrist Jays Shares His Experience!
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