Laser for Fungal Nails – What’s It All About? Our Podiatrist Jays Shares His Experience!

Investment in cutting edge technology is one of the cornerstones of our practice here at The Podiatrist and it’s one of the many reasons I enjoy working here. When it comes to the problem of fungal nail infections, laser technology is gaining strength. Having heard good things from other practices in different parts of the world, the owner of our practice, Troy Parsons, decided to trial the Lunula Laser for a few months beginning in October of last year. He then purchased the machine at the beginning of this year.

How the Laser has been working in my experience

In my experience so far, the Lunula Laser is working very well for mild to moderate fungal nail infections. On this page you’ll see four examples of real people undergoing treatment with the laser at our practice. Names have been kept anonymous for privacy. We can see in these significant healthy nail growth in all before-and-after pictures. The nail will completely resolve as the damaged nail grows out over time. The ultimate goal of course is to have a completely healthy nail (with normal colour, thickness and shape) in the coming months.

What’s great about the Laser

Laser for Fungal Nails

The Lunula Laser is a cold laser and therefore does not carry the risk of burns. It is an appealing treatment option because the laser light penetrates the nail much better than a liquid or cream applied topically. It also does not carry the possible unpleasant side effects of the oral medication. Treatment time for the laser is 12 minutes per foot. The number of times a person should return for treatment is dependent on the severity of the infection. Treatments are usually spaced 7 to 14 days apart. As mentioned above, mild to moderate infections are responding well. The results on severe fungal nail infections are still being determined at our practice.

laser for fungal nails

For a person who has a fungal nail infection and would like a professional opinion on how to treat it, we are a great destination. Either myself, or one of my qualified colleagues can assess your nails, discuss all treatment options, and help you decide if the Lunula Laser is the right next step for you. As always, we are here to help you look and feel great and realise your potential!

laser for fungal nails
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