Quick Local Ideas to Finish These September School Holidays With!

Local Ideas to Finish These September School Holidays

1. Golf School Holiday Programme

This Thursday and Friday, kids can get involved in a beginners 2-day programme to introduce them to (and begin fostering their enjoyment for) golf! This is for kids aged 5-12 years old and may see them go on to be the next Lydia Koh, a New Zealand golfer who ranked Number 1 in professional golf at just 17 years old back in 2015!

2. Try Croquet

Tomorrow and Wednesday, kids are able to come down to the West Toowoomba Croquet Club and try this fantastic sport for FREE! Everything is provided, you just need to bring a hat and some flat shoes and you’ll be on your way! Better yet, you can try it as many times with as many friends as you’d like!

3. The Cobb & Co Museum 

Though the Carnival of Flowers has now finished, the school holiday self-guided ‘down the rabbit hole’ trail, hands-on workshops (like blacksmithing!) and exploring the museum is still very much a go! Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body and this combines the best of both!

4. Botanical Buddies

We’re all about fostering a love for the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle – and getting hands-on with plants and gardens while learning more about nature and science is a great way to do that! This activity is available from 10am every day this week at the Grand Central Shopping Centre.

5. Community Fun Day – October 7th

What better way to finish off the school holidays than with friends and family at the Community Fun Day at Glenore Grove State School! There’ll be stalls, attractions, snow cones, motorbike riders, BBQ’s, games – even the fire brigade will be there! Kids will be able to end their holiday with smiles and on a high – literally from jumping high on the bouncy castle!

While organised events and programmes are a great way to get out of the house and active, don’t forget that learning begins at home and that it’s never too early or late to start learning a new activity or sport! Sometimes it can be as simple as visiting Rebel and seeing what our kids may be interested in learning – it’s the time for it! However you spend this week, we hope that it’s a fantastic week for you and your family!

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