How to Look After Your Winter Foot

We all worry about our feet during the summer months as we pull out the thongs and sandals to put our feet on display. But how many of us hide our feet away in winter boots and foot care is the last thing on our minds.

The cooler weather can have an adverse effects on your feet and will stop you from keeping mobile in winter if you’re not careful! Be prepared and see your podiatrist!

We have compiled 5 top tips to keep you moving this winter.
As always lets start with your shoes
Ideally you should purchase some good quality winter shoes. If you are going to be out and about then it would be good idea to make sure your shoes are water proof. When purchasing your winter shoes allow for some extra room for thicker socks. To prevent slips and falls it is essential that the shoes have adequate grip.

The best way to deal with cold feet is to prevent heat loss by keeping the feet warm and dry. The wearing of natural fiber socks (e.g. wool) is advisable. If you suffer from cold sweaty feet then you could wear a thin synthetic sock to absorb moisture to a thicker outer sock.

Pretend your in sandals!
When we wear sandals we make an effort to make sure our feet are looking pretty. In the winter months we hide them away and pay little attention to them. Feet will dry out in the winter which can lead to cracks and peeling of the skin. Keep your feet moisturized especially around your heels. Make sure your nails are trimmed and are neat and tidy.

Walk softly
The cold weather can lead to slippery and potentially dangerous pavements and roads. Even with a good shoe with adequate grip it is advisable to walk softly and not to make any sudden movements. Ankle sprains and ligament tears are common during winter months.

Beware of childblains!
Chilblains are small, itchy, painful lumps that develop on the skin. They develop as an abnormal response to cold. They usually go away over 7-14 days. If you are prone to develop chilblains then you should keep warm in cold weather and avoid excessive exposure to the elements. If you are suffering from childlains, visit the Podiatrist


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