How Can I Make My Toenails Look Better?

How Can I Make My Toenails Look Better

“I wish my toenails looked better naturally.
I hate my toenails.
I always have to have my nails painted.”

If we had a dime for every time we heard that one! While the appearance of toenails isn’t something our patients traditionally come in for solely (unless they have a fungal nail infection or other problem), these are comments we hear every day while helping our patients with their feet.

Back in the day (approximately two years ago), we would have told you that aside from reducing their length and thickness, or treating a fungal nail infection if it was present, there wasn’t a great deal that we could do for the appearance of your nails. Today, it’s a very different story…

1. We can now transform the appearance of your toenails

Using a system called Keryflex, we can now change the appearance of any damaged or disfigured nails completely, by creating a healthy and natural-looking nail, that bonds seamlessly to your existing nail, which will continue to grow and perform normally (and hopefully eventually get back to a nicer, healthier state!).

2. It only takes one appointment

The process is complete in just one appointment – meaning you can get nails you love the look of ASAP. It’s completely painless, the nail looks and feels natural, it doesn’t cause any damage or irritation to your original nail or the skin surrounding your nail, and it has all the other good features like being non-porous so moisture can’t penetrate the nail.

3. Yes, you can still paint your nails

Your Keryflex nail is not affected by polishes, acetone polish removers or detergents. So you treat it like your own! The nail itself also comes in clear, natural and opaque colours, so painting isn’t necessary – but welcome!

The results speak for themselves…

 Keryflex nail
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