Healthy Feet Tips

Healthy Feet Tips

Sever’s Disease is a common cause of heel pain in active children. Sever’s Disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, occurs when the growth plate of the heel is injured by excessive forces during early adolescence.

What are Sever’s Disease Symptoms and what is the treatment?

As a parent, you may notice your child limping while walking or running awkwardly. If you ask them to rise onto their tip toes, their heel pain usually increases. Heel pain can be felt in one or both heels in Sever’s disease.

Sever’s disease treatment should be based on eliminating pain and restoring normal foot and leg biomechanics from your podiatrist.

Your podiatrist will check your child’s biomechanics and talk about supporting and protecting their heels. They may need to wear shock absorbing heel cups or a soft orthotic. Kinesio foot taping may help to provide pain relief.

Poorly designed footwear that can predispose to the injury. Seek professional advice from your podiatrist when making decisions on footwear including football boots and running shoes.

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