Healing a Difficult Leg Ulcer Using Bodyflow

Healing a Difficult Leg Ulcer Using Bodyflow

Jack’s Difficult Leg Ulcer – Healed!

Introducing the Body Flow Circulation System

With fantastic results in quickly and effectively managing a difficult non-healing leg ulcer in an elderly, high-risk patient, we’re excited to share our results so that others struggling with this issue can experience the results for themselves.

Meet Jack

Jack is a 74 year old male that came in to see the team at the Podiatrist Toowoomba with a wound on his left leg. The area had ulcerated after he accidentally ripped off the skin graft following skin cancer surgery. 

Jack’s family were really worried about his wound but he remained fairly ambivalent, taking everything in his stride with a “what will be will be” attitude. 

Both of Jack’s parents had passed away with ulcers on their legs that they’d had for many years. The had both had Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). There had been a lot of concern from Jack’s health care practitioners about his wound after the skin cancer removal. 


During our appointment, we found that Jack’s ulcer was fairly large, measuring at 3cm by 4cm. Like his parents, he also had Peripheral Vascular Disease, meaning healing his ulcer was going to be very tough for his body and classifying his ulcer as ‘high-risk’. We couldn’t feel the pulses at his legs and the skin had generally poor vitality.

He also had very poor motion available through the joints of his feet and legs after many surgeries, meaning his ability to move was poor. This means he can’t use movement effectively to get the blood pumping well through his body and to the legs, which is essential in healing and repair.


If Jack’s ulcer didn’t heal, it would put him at risk every day of picking up an infection and potentially losing his leg. 

We used the Body Flow circulation system on the legs. It works to stimulate the muscles around the blood vessels to assist in wound healing and repair. We got him in every working day for the 20 minute Body Flow session.


Within 5 weeks, Jack’s wound had completely healed. His family were ecstatic to say the least, and so were his other healthcare practitioners. We’ve since been flooded with appreciative emails!

We are now continuing with 1-2 Body Flow sessions each week on both legs to optimise his tissue vitality and circulation.

We offer these treatments because to us, Podiatry is about so much more than just treating the feet and legs using evidence-based and world-class therapies. It’s about giving people back the freedom to do the things they love without being held back by painful foot and leg problems, so they can realise their full potential and perform at their best. 

If you believe you or your family may benefit from the Body Flow system, we have clinics available in both Toowoomba and Warwick. Our expert team are passionate about delivering the best in podiatric care and would love to help get you back on your feet and feeling great.

  • The Body Flow system enhances circulation and boosts your recovery following an injury, a sports game, and after surgery. It works by stimulating the smooth muscle around blood vessels to produce superior targeted outcomes
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