Getting Up Close with Jays Maganlal

How did you get into podiatry and why?

I got into podiatry by accident. I made the choice to do the course at the end of high school because I thought I wanted a career in the health industry. Also, my OP score allowed me entry straight into the course. I knew nothing about podiatry but knew if I did not like it I could change to something else. I ended up liking it however, so I have stayed with podiatry ever since.

How long have you been a podiatrist?

I have been a podiatrist for about four years now. This is a little ironic to me because I have never liked feet. In fact they have always grossed me out. However, some of the wisest words I have ever heard my boss say is “In podiatry, you don’t have to like feet, but you do have to like people.” I think he is right about this. My favourite aspects of podiatry are general treatments and nail surgery. I think this is because these appointment types give me the opportunity to meet and talk to many interesting people, and develop strong relationships over time. They also allow me to work with my hands, which I like too. In saying this, I do like biomechanical work also. Actually, I want to get more specialised in the treatment of dancers and dance related injuries. I did a talus mobilisation course (with Dr Paul Conneely) in the middle of October this year to help me with this and am currently doing my homework on dance terminology and dancer assessment (with the help of videos by Daniel Gibbs in SA). I should be good to go in this area very soon.

Range Health – thoughts on the practice? Do you like how it has become a holistic practice incorporating other allied health professions?

Yes, absolutely. It is certainly useful having physiotherapists in Toowoomba right across the hall, as well as all the other allied health professionals nearby. They are always willing to answer questions and are always willing to offer an opinion if available. Most off all, I think working with a larger group of people makes coming to work more fun.

What are your interests outside of work?

I like playing basketball. My favourite sport to watch on television is American football. I like looking at the sky through my telescope if I have time. Also charcoal drawing interests me. Spending time with the people who matter most to me is also very important.

Share a recipe?

My mum’s lamb curries are probably my favourite, but only she knows how to make it as good as what she does.

Any pets?

No, I have never had a pet.

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