Fun & active activities for the last week of the school holidays here in Toowoomba!

Fun ideas for the last week of the school holidays

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through the first week of your kids being on holiday. Now we’re into week two and if the activity ideas are starting to running out, then this is for you! We thought we’d put together a few fun ideas for the last week of the school holidays that’ll guarantee a lot of fun and a lot of energy used!

1. Hit the Kloud9ine trampoline park!

If your kids aren’t in love with this place already, they soon will be. Picture this – a giant building FILLED with trampolines stacked next to each other and of varying sizes and strengths! Your kids can bounce, learn to backward or forwards flip, play trampoline dodgeball, use the stunt bag to land cool moves and so much more! Whether they go by themselves or with a group of friends, they’re bound to have a great time and keep active!

2. Go ice skating in Civic Square!

It’s only open for one more week so if you haven’t been yet or are meaning to go back for another skate, now is the time! Aside from being loads of fun, ice skating is fantastic for balance, stability, coordination, and building muscle strength for both kids and adults alike! If you’re under 5 years old, you also get a little Kanga skating aid. Once you’re done on the ice, there’s a giant bouncy castle so can serve as a great source of entertainment for many hours! The weather for this week is predicted to be sunny too – so go out and make the most of it!

3. Try some Golf!

That’s right, what better way to get your kids into golf than with a two-day programme on July 12th and 13th alongside other kids they can enjoy this sport with too! Golf is fantastic for coordination and will make for some great parent-child time in the future too! Both days are packed with all the different elements of golfing combined with fun challenges. It’s run by My Golf Australia and you can find out more here.

4. Get into some Karate!

Speaking as those who also took Karate classes as young children, we remember having SO much fun, absolutely loving it and always feeling great after each class! If your kids have ever wanted to take karate classes or try one out, this could be a great time to start! Karate is a fantastic physical challenge, great for coordination and strength, and we remember feeling fantastic as we mastered the various moves and made our way up in the ranks! Sharpe Dojo has a great variety of classes for kids aged 3-15 years and has a FREE trial lesson too!

5. Get the mind active with the Cobb & Co. Museum!

The ‘Alice’s Wonderland’ exhibition has just kicked off and is proving to be a fantastic way to spend a day learning, playing and exploring! While our other suggestions get kids physically active, this is a great way to get our 3-8-year-olds mentally active and learning more about the world around us with a hands-on approach based on Alice in Wonderland! You can find out more about this exhibition here. It’s got science elements, maths, illusion, problem-solving and more!

However you decide to spend this last school holiday week, we wish you a great time with your family and lots of fantastic memories! If you’re worried about your kid’s ability to participate in any of these activities because of any problems or pains with their feet or legs, don’t forget to bring them into our expert team! We work with LOTS of kids every day and LOVE helping them feel great on their feet again and get back to playing, learning and exploring! To talk to our team or book an appointment, you can give us a call on 1300-FX-FEET or book online here. 

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