Foot Pain at Work – We Can Help!

Foot Pain at Work

For those of us working, we all want to perform our best at work, take control of our careers and make 2018 the best year yet. Unfortunately and all too commonly, barriers such as fatigue, headaches and lack of sleep can get in the way. There’s another common barrier that is often overlooked but can stop us in our tracks, literally. It’s foot pain!

Whether you’re up on your feet all day, or largely at your desk, pains in the feet can become a huge burden on our performance. It may be that sting you feel when getting up to walk to the photocopier, or that feeling of walking on a painful pebble beneath your feet after thousands of steps during a day’s work (which is great for your FitBit, but not so much your feet if you’re getting pain).

Standing for long hours cause our foot and leg muscles to become tired and achy, and also leads to poor posture. Additionally, if you sit on a chair for many hours, your muscles can adapt to this relaxed position and cause them to tighten.

Appropriate footwear that is specifically suited to your work duties is very important in treating, and also preventing, work-related foot and leg pain. Of course, we know that you may have specific requirements at work for your footwear. This is where a visit to our team at The Podiatrist is essential to ensure you are getting the right support for your feet at work. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to provide additional support for your feet, as well as minimising your day to day pain and discomfort. This can range from a specific exercise program to strengthen your feet, improving your posture, and using orthotic insoles in your shoe to minimise any pain or tiredness, maximise your comfort, and reduce your risk of injury at work.

The majority of shoes have a 12-month life span, so if your shoes are older than 12-month, it may be worth considering an update! Have a look at your shoes, their wear patterns and how much support and stability they are still offering you. If you’re unsure if your shoes need updating, or want advice on what design and features are best for your individual foot type (yes, different shoes are better for different foot types), come and see us here at The Podiatrist.

Because our feet are the first body part to contact the ground, they have a big effect on the bones, joints, muscles and structures further up the body. If you’re experiencing ankle, shin, knee or hip pain at work, but your feet feel alright, they may actually still be causing you pain if they are not functioning properly. In this case, by altering the way your feet function, we can reduce or get rid of the other pains you’re experiencing.

Here at The Podiatrist, we’re all about seeing the best version of you and helping you realise your full potential. We’re well-equipped with world class technologies and therapies to see you recover from pain and injury as fast as possible. More than just recover from injury, it’s about putting the right preventive measures in place to stop your pains from coming back so you can keep doing the things you love! 

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