Foot Health Check

Can a single check-up really change your life?

Take it from Martin — who once upon a time walked into a clinic with pain and somehow came out of it with a newfound passion.

It all began with a knee injury. Despite seeing other health care professionals, the pain around Martin’s knee continued to persist. That is until he decided to see a podiatrist as a last resort. A simple foot check and a change of footwear later — Martin’s knee pain was gone within a week!

And while that sounds like the happy ending everybody wants to hear, Martin’s story has only begun.

Who would have thought that the patient who was once looking to relieve pain would become part of a world-class team that treats it? Now a resident podiatrist in Toowoomba, Martin dedicates his time to helping patients across all walks of life. Whether it’s overcoming pain or optimising performance, you can count on Martin to keep you on your feet and help you achieve your health goals whatever they might be.

At Optimise Health, every person that comes in deserves the highest patient care. And that wouldn’t be complete without an Annual Foot Health Check.

Designed to optimise your foot care and general wellbeing, OH!’s foot health check gives you thorough insight into your feet and lower limbs. This is a great opportunity to discover and treat any seemingly minor problems before they build up into major issues. Think of it like a visit to your GP!

Ready to move beyond pain and step into your passions?

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