Five Things You Didn’t Know Podiatrists Can Help You With

Five Things You Didn’t Know Podiatrists Can Help You With

“You can help me with THAT?” and “You do THAT too?” are phrases we hear very often as Podiatrists. This is usually by patients that have only experienced Podiatry as trimming toenails, as told by their grandparents or family member. The truth is that that sort of nail care is only a very small fraction of what we do here at The Podiatrist. We thought we’d fill you in (and likely surprise you if you haven’t been to our clinic before) with FIVE things we can help you with other than your nails that you may not even know!

1. We optimise and improve your cycling

Yep! We do bike-specific assessments that examine the way you are positioned and aligned on your bike, combined with your leg & foot function and output. We also make bike-specific orthotics! They’re made from carbon-fibre so are lightweight and work to improve your performance. Just ask John – he came in for a bike fit assessment and went on to win GOLD at the Master’s Games (see video below).

2. We help reduce or alleviate your knee, hip and upper leg pain

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not just about the feet and ankle! We also work extensively with knee problems, hips, upper and lower legs – and many of the treatments and changes that we implement with the feet and legs also reduce back pain for many of our patients.

3. We help you recover from hip, knee, leg and foot surgery

Recovering after surgery can be a long and often painful or uncomfortable process. We work to make it as comfortable as possible and reduce your pain as much as we’re able. This makes the weeks or months of recovery significantly more pleasant, and in some cases can reduce your total recovery time too. We partner with many surgeons and doctors that refer patients to us for post-op care, but you’re welcome to come in and be under our care even without a referral.

4. We help you smash your personal bests in running

We perform thorough analyses of your gait and the way you run and then work with you to improve and optimise this so you can perform at your BEST! Sometimes, you’ll know what problems you’re likely having when it comes to running and exercise, and other times, it’s not until we show you on a video playback of your gait that you’ll see what’s going on and what ’s slowing you down! These assessments look at everything from your foot and leg function and biomechanics, muscle strength, footwear and so much more.

5. We use a COLD LASER to destroy fungal nail infections

We emphasise cold laser because it’s so much more advanced than traditional hot laser in that you no longer have to worry about or suffer from burns and heat during the treatment. Our Lunula laser uses two cold beams and different wavelengths to both damages the fungus present on your toenails and stimulate the body’s immune response to effectively clear and destroy the fungus! No more yellow/white or crumbly toenails – and it’s completely safe (NO side effects), pain-free and more effective than any traditional treatment!

We know – all these things sound amazing, right? Well – they are! And there are a lot more we haven’t mentioned, like ingrown toenail surgery, relief for arthritic joints, acupuncture – to name just a few. Our team invest a lot of time (and money!) into having all of the latest technology, methods and skills to provide truly superior results for you so you can reach your full potential. BUT. While a podiatry qualification means you CAN upskill and become an expert in these areas, not all podiatrists do. Many works purely in nail care and aged care. Some offer more advanced services but don’t continue to stay on top of the research, skills and techniques to be able to implement them properly. This is one of the many reasons why we are different – because of our fantastic team that is constantly striving to be the best at what they do and to offer their patients the very best.

You can be assured that you’ll receive the best care and skills with our team, regardless of the complexity or nature of your foot or leg problem. If you’ve got any questions, we’d love to help. You can give us a call on 07 4638 3022 or book in for an appointment here.

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