So your doctor told you that you have a Fibroma in your foot. Now what?

So you noticed a mass in your foot, around your arch. You went to the doctor, and they’ve told you that you have a “plantar fibroma”. After the relief of learning that fibromas are not cancerous, you may find yourself wondering: so what do I do now?

Today, our team at The Podiatrist are filling you in on the what’s, how’s, and why’s of plantar fibromas. Specifically, *why did it appear on my foot!*

What is a plantar fibroma, anyway?
A fibroma is a mass of fibrous or connective tissue. When we talk about a plantar fibroma, we talk about a fibroma that has developed on the bottom of the foot, within the plantar fascia in the arch. Fibromas can increase and decrease in size, albeit slowly. They are often painless, but may become painful if they are located in an area that takes on a lot of pressure during gait.

Why have I developed a fibroma?
The exact cause is unknown. They occur more frequently in men than women, and you may have a higher chance of developing a fibroma if:

Others in your family have had fibromas
You’ve injured your foot
You regularly wear unsupportive footwear
You have diabetes
You are older
What symptoms can I expect?
Many people do not experience any painful symptoms. As fibromas get larger and take on more pressure, tenderness may develop when walking, and make it difficult to wear certain shoes.

How can you help treat my fibroma?
If your fibroma is giving you pain or discomfort, we can:

Use padding to alleviate pressure away from the fibroma short-term

Use an orthotic to redistribute pressure away from the fibroma long-term, and adjust the position of the foot and ankle to help alleviate any other pains related to the fibroma

Recommend comfortable, supportive footwear that will help you feel more comfortable on your feet

Refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon if the non-surgical methods don’t produce the results you want

Need help?

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