Feet and family, the best of both worlds

Here at The Podiatrist, our team are everything. They’re the reason we thrive as a company and have grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. We love to celebrate our team and acknowledge their hard work and the way they go above and beyond to help their patients reach their full potential.

For a little something different, we thought we’d put the spotlight onto one of our very own, Podiatrist Anne-Maree Hanrick, who has recently shared her experience of becoming mum to three beautiful kids over the past five years. We were delighted with what Anne-Maree had to say – and hope that you enjoy it too.

Introducing: Anne-Maree Hanrick

Anne Maree Family

Anne Maree FamilyI grew up wanting to be both a health professional and a Mum, so I feel very fortunate that my team at The Podiatrist has allowed me to achieve the balance I desire to do both. 

I’ve been a part of The Podiatrist team for almost 13 years, and have had my three kids in 2013, 2015 and 2017. After having Cole, my youngest, last year, I’m back to working part-time – a transition that I’ve been able to do with ease thanks to Petrina (Practice Manager) and Troy. 

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing the clinic morph from a three-room practice to the modern, functional facility it is now with an amazing team on board. I’m also lucky to be seeing patients that I started with in my very first year – it’s like treating family and I’m grateful for those who have stuck with me during the maternity leaves. No more, I promise! 

Becoming a Mum and coming back to work has given me a greater appreciation of our patient limitations as parents of younger children. It was also fascinating on a professional level to experience the impact of pregnancy on the feet. Yes, I wore joggers with my corporate uniform with little shame!   

To watch my own children’s movement patterns as they’ve learned to walk and crawl has given me a better understanding and empathy of why a parent may be so concerned about a seemingly normal milestone. 

I love working and think I’m a better parent for it, and I think I may even be a better Podiatrist for having had children.

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