Diabetes & Feet: Why Keeping on Top of Your Foot Health is Important.

How much can your feet tell you about your health?

A lot, actually and even more if you have diabetes.

With 280 Australians developing diabetes every day (one person every five minutes) — the condition has become a 21st century epidemic.

When left unchecked and unmanaged, this puts your feet at high risk and could severely impact your wellbeing. How? Well, it has much to do with circulation and the nerves.

You see, diabetes contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels — making it difficult for blood to circulate to the toes. This could lead to various complications around mobility and recovery, which could keep you from doing the things you love.

At Optimise Health, we prioritise our patients’ overall health. It’s important that we have a thorough understanding of your condition especially if one has diabetes.

Poor circulation and poor nerve function can be a dangerous combination. So, it’s our top priority to assess both. This means assessing your footwear, skin and nails, and your foot and leg function.

The condition of these areas often holds telltale signs of diabetes. And the sooner we identify them, the sooner we can overcome them.

We also provide detailed education on foot care and how to reduce these risks to help keep you on your feet. And it all starts with a simple foot health check!

And you only get one set of feet, so even with diabetes or not, keeping up with your foot health is essential for daily living. We offer general treatments for nail care, corns callous, heels, skin, and special conditions, so you can feel like you’re walking on air after your check-up.

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