Can A Podiatrist Help You?

Can A Podiatrist Help You

Podiatrists spend at least four years studying the anatomy, physiology and biomechanical function of the feet and lower limbs. This isn’t an easy endeavour, given that a single foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. This makes Podiatrists the foot health experts when it comes to pains and problems that develop – and very knowledgeable indeed!

A challenge faced by any Podiatrist worldwide, including right here in Toowoomba, is people not knowing the amazing things that Podiatrists can do when it comes to assessing, diagnosing and treating lower limb pains, problems and concerns. We have the privilege of helping so many lives by helping them walk pain-free, and our treatments focus on not only resolving the current problems, but also reducing the risk of them coming back in the future.

To help you know more about exactly what we do and can help with, here’s a handy checklist of indications that you should see a podiatrist. Do you:

  • Have painful feet? 
  • Experience leg pain? 
  • Have painful knees? 
  • Experience sore hips? 
  • Find walking or standing uncomfortable? 
  • Experience leg or foot pain during sport? 
  • Need advice on correct footwear?
  • Have ingrown toenails?
  • Have a fungal nail infection?
  • Have pain in the opposite leg following an injury or surgery?
  • Want to run better?
  • Want to cycle better?
  • Find it difficult to fit into normal shoes?
  • Have an ulcer that isn’t healing?
  • Notice something about the way your family member walks that seems unusual or wrong?
  • Get very tired after being on your feet during the day for work?

Are you:

  • Worried about the development of your children’s feet?
  • Sick of being told there’s nothing that can be done to reduce your pain and help you feel more comfortable?
  • Regularly tripping or falling?
  • Constantly spraining your ankle?
  • Worried about bumps and lumps on your feet like bunions?
  • Finding it difficult to reach your feet to care for the nails and skin?
  • Diabetic (and therefore high-risk for foot/leg complications)?
  • Training for a marathon or working out and want to reduce the risk of injury?
  • Needing specific assistance for sports like skiing where you have a very narrow boot and not much space to work with?

If any of these have resonated with you, then book in to see our expert team! We’re the largest Podiatry team in Darling Downs – and there’s a good reason for that. We’re equipped with the latest in athlete-grade diagnostic equipment and technologies to give you the best results! 

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