“At Bobux, we use European sizing. How this converts to other international sizing is shown in the graph below.”

European sizing

SOFT SOLE – Designed for newborns and for babies learning to walk

Through unrestricted movement Soft Soles allow the foot to flex and grip, refine and strengthen, setting the physical foundation for a foot to grow into adulthood.

New Born 

Large 0-3 months
3-9 months
9-15 months
15-27 months

STEP UP – Designed for first walker

Step Ups are designed to meet the needs of children learning to walk, cruising, and new to unassisted walking. Be sure to check out the award winning Xplorer, the best shoe to learn to walk in.

Sizes vary from: US 3 – US 6

I-WALK – Designed for toddlers and preschoolers

As soon as kids can walk confidently they want to run and jump. This kind of activity requires a different approach in shoe design and I-Walks are specifically designed for this stage.

Sizes vary from: US 5.5 – US 12

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