4 Ways to Settle into New School Shoes!

Kids always love to have new stuff at the start of the school year and shoes are not an exemption. But, our kids would always feel uncomfortable walking into their new shoes. We often think we got the wrong fit. Actually, we may just need to get our kid’s feet into their new kicks.

Here are some tips on how to help our kids settle into their new school shoes.

1. Walk it around the house.

Let the kids walk the new shoes around the house. Before they go out in them, let them try walking up stairs, standing around (or play around), sitting down, and even running.

Note: This is the most trusted and safest method for easily and lightly breaking in the new shoes.

2. Let the kids wear their shoes little and often at first.

Let the kids start with wearing their shoes 10 minutes at a time in the beginning. Try this for a couple days. Gradually, let them wear their shoes for 10 minutes more, every   couple of days, until they’re wearing the shoes for an hour at a time. By this time, the shoes should be tamed!

3. Bring their shoes to school.

Let them wear some old shoes to school, but when they’re sitting at their desk, tell them to bust out their new ones and simply get them in the habit of having them on their feet. This is a simply way to break in their new shoes while saving time.

4. Wear them with socks.

This can also prevent blistering when getting used to new shoes. Try thick cotton socks, and squeeze into the shoes. The size of the sock will help stretch out the frame.

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