Ten Services You Didn’t Know Were Available Right Here In Toowoomba

Ten Services Available Right Here In Toowoomba

We love our community here in Toowoomba. Everyone is lovely, friendly, supportive and it feels like there’s a smile around every corner (well there certainly is here at The Podiatrist!). With just under 107,000 current residents, Toowoomba is far from a ‘small town’ – and neither are the services and specialities we offer here. From day dot, our goal was to bring World Class locally, as it should be. And we’ve done just that! So here are ten world-class services that are changing the lives of thousands of our patients every year!

1. Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is our newest addition and we (and our patients) couldn’t be happier with the results! It’s simple, non-surgical and non-invasive. Forget any notion of shocks of electricity pulsing through your body and instead picture small but powerful high-energy waves that work on damaged tendons, ligaments and tissues to facilitate faster healing and repair. 

Shockwave works on a microscopic level, causing interstitial and extracellular biological responses, tissue regeneration and even neurovascularization (the formation of new nerve and blood vessels). It has even proven to be successful in treating stress fractures and other bone damage.

2. Body Flow

Body Flow

Imagine, as a practitioner, seeing patients for years that have difficult-to-heal foot and leg ulcers that are complicated by diabetes and being able to do little to help. Now, imagine discovering a Body Flow circulation machine that was then able to complete heal one of these ulcers in a way that you’ve never seen before – or even thought was possible. This is what the Body Flow is to us and why we had to have it.

The machine itself works to stimulate the muscles around the blood vessels to assist in wound healing and repair. It is safe, simple, effective and painless – you just sit back, relax and let it work on the area that needs a boost or restored circulation.

3. Solestar Cycling Orthotics + Assessment

Solestar Cycling Orthotics + Assessment

Our normal custom EVA orthotics are fantastic for optimising performance during running sports and while wearing joggers, but what about the slim, narrow and lightweight demands of cycling shoes? This is precisely what Solestar’s are for.

Solestar orthotics are lightweight and durable, made from carbon fibre and fitted especially for you on your bike. They work to optimise your performance and improve your function – and even helped one of our patients win Gold at the Master’s Games! They’re fitted following a bike-specific assessment and you’ll love how great they feel!

4. Lunula Laser

Lunula Laser

Lunula laser is the most effective solution for fungal nail infections currently available on the market. That’s right – no more paints and lacquers that you have to apply every day (hooray!). No more pills or tablets that can have harmful effects on the liver. And no more painful hot laser that burns the fungus – and your toes too.

Lunula is a cold laser that is effective, painless, simple and completely safe with no side effects. It uses two rotating laser beams set at (unnoticeably) ‘cold’ frequencies to effectively damage the fungus and stimulate the immune system to clear the infection.


5. Custom Orthotics in 90 Minutes

Custom Orthotics

In many practices and in majors cities across Australia, orthotics are still taking weeks to manufacture. And oftentimes that can’t be helped when you don’t have your own orthotic lab and mills. Luckily, we do! Our innovative Orthema software mills out your custom orthotics from a scan of your foot paired with the prescription of your Podiatrist. And it’s done in 90 minutes! You can relax and wait, you can pop in later to pick them up, or you can come back another day. It’s up to you!

The real benefit here is that it allows effective treatment to begin at day one when you need it most – not weeks down the track. And that makes the both of us very happy!

6. Athlete-Grade Gait Analysis

Athlete-Grade Gait Analysis

When we say athlete-grade, we mean the same equipment and technology that athletes are using to receive feedback on their gait and performance and to learn how to optimise the way they move to beat the competition!

It’s called the Zebris gait analysis system, it has multiple cameras and over 7000 pressure sensors so we can see exactly what is happening with every step! The information we gain from this analysis allows us to not only identify the cause of any current problems, pains or injuries but also reduce the likelihood of future injuries occurring. This means you stay performing at your best so you can realise your full potential!

7. Gait Retraining

Gait Retraining

Following on from the Zebris analysis, we can then work with you to retrain your gait – the way you walk and move – to greatly improve your function. We go through your technique and show you what’s going on, your inefficiencies, and how we can improve performance and decrease unnecessary energy exertion.

8. Podiatric Dry Needling

Podiatric Dry Needling

Dry needling is a great technique we utilise to address tightness and restrictions in muscles. It’s great for localised pain, where we use fine needles to release painful knots present in muscle and loosen tight structures. The effects produced can even replace a session of massage!

We often use dry needling in the calves, legs and feet – and generally anywhere that it can enhance and optimise your recovery. Results are immediate so you can notice the difference as soon as you stand up!

9. Specialist Children’s Podiatry

Specialist Children’s Podiatry

Kids are always growing and changing – but that doesn’t mean they should be in pain. This is exactly why this is one of our specialities! If you’re worried about your kid’s feet, then this is the perfect place.

From developmental problems to strength, stability, posture, movement and growing pains, we conduct thorough paediatric examinations to get to the root of the problem and find the best treatment to keep them happy and healthy for the years to come.

Thankfully, because kids feet are still growing and changing, they respond very well and quickly to treatment and rehabilitation and we get great results!

10. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Recovering from surgery can be tough. Your movement is restricted, your strength is reduced, it can be painful and you may not know what to expect and what’s normal! This is why we work with you to make sure you get the best outcomes following surgery with as minimal pain as possible. More than that, we also look to prevent any post-surgical complications where possible, like pain developing in the opposite leg, and know the warning signs to look out for.

It’s a long list but it doesn’t end there! We’re always looking for innovative and dynamic ways to give our patients the best care right here in Toowoomba. For more information about any of these services or to book online, give our expert team a call on 07 4638 3022.

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